nonHackrifice: 2004: Seattle: "SJFF Bonus" (by Evan Lovely)

Players in order of appearance: Ricky Moran, Lon Smith, Daryl Genz, Peter Irish, Tuan Vu, Justin Dale, Jim Penske, Brett Campbell, Allan Haggett, Nate Linscott, Ethan Husted, Rune Denmark, Andrew McCarger

nonHackrifice: 2006: Kingston: KICKASS 2

Players in order of appearance: Adam Greenwood, David Clavens, Paul Agostinelli, Scott Bevier, Mike Anello, Matt Cross, Pat Talon, unknown (7:40), Ryan Seath, Ianek Regimbald, Tom Mosher, Camille Surovy, Will Digges, unknown (18:39 -- can't see face),

nonHackrifice: 2006: "Freestyle Reality" (by Sam Colclough)

nonHackrifice: 2005: Tuukka's "Joulukalenteri" Day 10 of 24 ("Autumn '05")


Dunno that first player.

Players in order of appearance, not counting the player I don't know: Tuukka Antikainen, Janne Pesonen, Toni Paakkonen, Ville Laakso.

This video's over 200 megs, so I'll have to reupload when I finish and come back to upload larger videos, and get the limit increased.


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